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Seth Lowrey -
Computer Expert
There are many computer experts out there, and you may know a few. But do you have someone who you can call, day or night, weekdays or weekends, to help you when technology goes wrong? Maybe you just need advice for how to start something new that involves the latest thing.  You need a Technology Consultant with years of experience, who's available when you need help.  

Father of 6, Husband of 27 years, Software Developer, Designer, Project Manager, and Entrepreneur -- "I promise that working with me will be a positive experience for you and your business."

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January 28, 2015

Sometimes it is tempting to compare software to homebuilding.  After all, both consist of designing and constructing something, often with various trades and skills involved, with a plan to begin with, and an end result that is far more complex and amazing than one per...

January 14, 2015

I always appreciate the opportunity to talk to other professionals in our shifting and often nebulous field of IT.  This week after interactions with other companies, I have noticed first-hand some trending changes that have caught my attention.  Although our home town...

December 20, 2014

New insights will be coming weekly or more often -- put a reminder on your phone or calendar to check out Sent Software, right after your morning Bible study or prayer!  Also, like us on Facebook for updates!



December 19, 2014

While we have been around for 13 years, much has changed in the industry of Software and Computing, and it is high time we reveal ourselves to a world in need!  Sent Software is here and ready to change your business with custom software.  How might that happen?  Well,...

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Maybe you are trying to get off the ground with an in-house program, or you aren't sure if you need anything but need to know what's next.  Here's a quick guide to move you forward to the next step.

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