IQx - an example of WOW in Web Apps


IQX is a full entry web-based system that Law Enforcement agencies in Tennessee can access over the internet (with use of the Sent Software secure gateway) or over the state intranet (WAN).  Mainly used for criminal record checks, IQx has all the features necessary to query or manage information at the FBI NCIC national crime information system, as well as querying Driver License, Title and Registration, and other state files from around the country via Nlets.  


More than that, IQx is a reminder of how powerful and flexible Web Applications can be.  Built on a dynamic database-driven forms generation system, IQx is a design marvel with friendly User Experience, customizeable layouts, a variety of form field types, and more.  IQx could be the platform you need for more flexible forms entry and digital data collection.


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