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Insights from 10 years ago

One of my employees made me laugh last week. He said he thought it was silly, 10 years ago, when I said, "One day everything you want to do you'll do it on your phone. Everybody will have one, and everybody will use their phone more than their computer." I had not even remembered saying that, but obviously we were on the verge of a technology revolution almost as big as the first PC and I could see the signs. So could Apple Computer, who was in the process of building a dynasty called iTunes with their iPods and who introduced the iPod Touch a couple years later. I am not prophetical, although I noted in Wired magazine back in the late 90's when they said XML would be one of the hot technologies and I certainly agreed and quickly began to study XML which was one of our essential skills for the first decade of the 21st century. So now we are in 2014, and I believe "custom" is the wave of the future. Give us a couple of years, and all those smartphones will be filled with some level of "custom" apps. I'm not talking about skins and themes and personalized photos. There will be an app (multiple apps) on the App Store and Google Play with your name and your functions. Everybody will want their OWN app that does their OWN thing. If you want to be the first in a trend, now's the time to start!


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