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It's Not Like Building a House

Sometimes it is tempting to compare software to homebuilding. After all, both consist of designing and constructing something, often with various trades and skills involved, with a plan to begin with, and an end result that is far more complex and amazing than one person could ever make happen. Having commissioned the building of 2 homes, and being heavily involved in both projects, one thing stands out as a key differentiator: longevity. We build our homes to last for decades. In fact, a home that doesn't go at least 20 years without a major overhaul is considered cheaply made and poor quality. In the world of software, anything over 5 years that has not consistently been updated is old and dated, and 10 years is beyond obsolescence and a dinosaur. A software project that encompasses so great a scope that it takes more than 18 months to build and deploy results in a dated product almost from the very beginning.

With software, you have to be in it for the near term and the long haul. For the near term, pick targets that are simple, easier to reach, and bring a solid return on investment. Hit those with short term focused custom development projects or assemble a suite of off-the-shelf software that can make a quick impact while you focus on the long term overall plan. Many businesses are now dependent upon software they chose in the early to mid 2000's. It is getting old and they are wondering what to do next, with no clear direction. You can call in a professional to help you figure out how to carry your business technology to 2020 and beyond -- Sent Software can work out a plan for your company for the future and make sure you don't get caught with a dinosaur in your IT department.


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