• Seth Lowrey

Wagging the Technology Dog

So often technology follows along with the winds of popularity. We live, obviously, in a consumer driven economy. So where innovation can create amazing possibilities for futuristic advancements in technology, if they don't catch the eye of consumers they may be shelved until mainstream technology demands beg, or until the creation is lost forever behind a myriad of other phenomenal-but-boring creations shelved on top of it. Look up the Next computer, for instance -- power to create a Pixar visual experience on your desktop about the same time Pixar came into existence -- produced by some guy named Jobs (with all due respect to his memory).

As software developers we are sometimes called upon to foretell the future of technology -- to pick options for software that dictate development platforms, databases, operating environments, equipment requirements, and more. Sometimes we are asked to look ahead to the time when the software is complete or in its prime, sometimes as much as a year or 18 months in the future. How can we predict where technology will be 18 months in the future? Large companies such as Google and Microsoft, Apple and Samsung change technologies in timeframes measured in weeks or months, with names such as Silverlight, Flash, and more dissipating into the has-been realm without much warning.

No matter that some of these technologies embodied the future of web-app development in fine form, with secure, high performance, rich user experiences that gave us a taste of native mobile apps on the desktop. We made the leap to Silverlight in its heyday, thinking that if Microsoft were to compete at an equal level, especially on the mobile platform, with iOS and Android, that Silverlight would be the flagship technology to get them there. "Native" Windows Phone = Silverlight, right? Flash was facing its own challenges at the time as Apple refused to enable Flash on its iPad. Then the bomb dropped, and now four years after Microsoft made the switch to HTML5 as its preferred web/internet technology, we are on the verge of an app takeover with no clear mechanism in sight for Windows Phone and Surface to compete with the App Store and Google Play.

All we can say is, if your Silverlight App is facing an imminent demise and you are having to tell your clients to only use Internet Explorer -- no Edge or Chrome allowed -- give us a call! You are in good company and we can help. We know Silverlight and we know HTML5 and we can take your app to the past--uh--future of web development (side note: the components of HTML5 have been around since the early to mid 1990's. Javascript, the backbone development language for HTML5, was invented in 1995 as part of Netscape.) We acknowledge that the power of the consumer has spoken and HTML5 is on top. Helpful add-ons like bootstrap, node, angular, jQuery, and the enhancement of HTML and CSS with broader standard support on browser make the loss to consumer technology dog-wagging only slightly easier to stomach. Keep your eyes open, though -- we can also talk about taking your Silverlight app to the next level and going to mobile apps. It may be a better option. Because if this is the direction technology is headed in general, NASA may change their mind and send their Mars mission to the a famous castle near Orlando.

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