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Top 10 part 1 : 2020 Trend Nation

It's no secret that 2020 is here, and already over a month has passed! This is a perfect time to re-assess the future through the year of clear vision. Seeing is believing as this year sets up the hot technologies of the next decade. In this part I'll count down 5 of my top 10 picks fo most interesting, most life-changing, and most relevant up-and-coming tech:

#10 - VR gets Real

The VR experience is now becoming a bit more mainstream, and with the rise of movie adaptations of VR and more interesting game introductions such as Beat Saber and Vader Immortal, watch for more asks for VR and for the new VR-based attractions to show up on your kids' wish list for vacations and destination trips.

#9 - Windows 7 End of Life is a big deal

Similar to the end of life for Windows XP, the end of life for Windows 7 in January will have a far reaching impact, likely culminating in several "exceptions" to Microsoft's "no more Windows 7 updates" and possibly a free upgrade path to Windows 12. For Microsoft, it is just more of the same. The fact they will be ending one of the most successful OS runs and attempting to push out the new Windows 12 within 6 months of each other, will give upstart Google with their Chromebooks and stalwart Apple with new, lower priced laptops with retina graphics and large format iPad Pro the opportunity to increase their market share amid the Windows Chaos.

#8 - Windows 12 Shows Microsoft's 5 year Plan

Sadly, Microsoft gets two mentions in 2020. Happily they are not in the top 5! The Seattle based company 2 years ago declared Windows would become more like Chrome (did they really compare those two?) in terms of versions and updates. Indeed, computers now bear the label "Microsoft Windows" on them instead of having the #10. So when the new Windows 12 is released, we may find out how true that is. Also, we will finally see Microsoft's long term direction for .NET Core, UWP, iOT, Azure, VR, and especially small format devices like Windows Phone, now that they are promoting Android connectivity in every Windows 10 install.

#7 - Python takes over

In 2019 Python hit the top of several charts as the world's most popular programming language. 2020 should see the rise of Python in many more business applications, continue to expand in the AI and ioT world, and finally have viable options for mobile app development. Don't look fast, though, as JavaScript is moving up quickly to take down C++ and Java, and truly is the ONLY web client language of choice.

#6 - Don’t Look Now, Ear Tech is Part of the Status Quo

If 2019 was any indication, the battle for audio supremecy is being waged literally in the ears. Apple's release of their new AirPods Pro put them on track to compete head-to-head with Bose, Beats PowerBeats Pro, and Jabra Elite for the ever-growing market of ear bud swag. Watch for new ways to personalize your ear audio devices of choice.

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